641-D Restoration

This tractor was originally, I'm pretty sure, a 671-D.  When I found it, the transmission on the tractor was actually from a 640 with a shifter from an 8-N and the cutout for the select-o-speed shifter had been patched.  The fuel tank was an after-market affair and the rear tires, while they had good rubber, were mis-matched.  But it ran well and everything else was in pretty good shape.


Shortly after buying this tractor, I located a non-running 641 which I purchased just for parts.  In addition to the transmission, I salvaged the fuel tank, rear hood cowling, and swinging drawbar support to use on, what has now become, this 641-D.  The transmission on the parts tractor was in good shape – actually I’ve found those old 4-speed Ford transmissions to be pretty much bullet proof.

After replacing virtually all of the seals and gaskets, having the valves ground and re-installed with new valve guides, some mechanical work on the hydraulic lift mechanism, a new wiring harness and all new gauges, and a re-build of the steering sector, it runs like a top.   I also found a tire to match the best rear one and replaced the front tires.