740 Commentary

This was one of my more challenging restorations.  Were it not for the fact that it was a running 740, I might have passed on it once I actually saw the tractor (purchased from an internet ad).  It sat in my shop for about 11 months while I finished work on my 861-D.  In December 2008 I finally had it sodablasted before completely disassemblying it for painting.
The tractor needed all new sheet metal, except for the fenders - which required extensive work.  A new hood assembly was found at a boneyard here in TX - Gap Tractor.  When I took the engine in it was found to have a cracked head.  Fortunately, I had also recently purchased a parts tractor here in TX with the same engine.  The head from this engine was OK.  New valves, valve guides, pistons, rings, and bearings completed this overhaul.  The rear tires were mis-matched.  A matching tire was finally located at an ag. dealer in Tenn.
Grateful thanks to both my son and daughter for assisting me with painting and final assembly.